Who is JACK?

Jack was our rescue dog who passed away unexpectedly.  Jack did everything with us, from formal dinners to backyard BBQs he was always by our side. We want our brand to honor that sense of togetherness so it only seemed fitting to name it after our loyal companion.   Although Jack is no longer with us, the memories and experiences will last a lifetime.  


From camping and football games to cocktail parties and happy hours, we hope that JACK Cocktail Syrups brings you the same unforgettable memories and experiences. 

In honor of JACK we are on a mission to bring as many dogs home as possible because all dogs deserve to be a part of the party.  We donate $1.00 for every bottle sold to animal charities.  If you are a customer of ours and have a suggestion for a charity please submit it by contacting us here

The Story of JACK Cocktail Syrups

Hi there! Welcome to JACK Cocktail Syrups!  We are  a company rooted in creating from scratch cocktail syrups that bring people together the old fashioned way, over a good drink and a good conversation!

Life nowadays is busy, chaotic and spent behind a screen.  This isn't good and we want to be a part of the solution! Our cocktail syrups make cocktail creating easy and delicious.  We are giving people a reason to create together, to talk together and to simply be together -  while sipping a delicious cocktail and giving back to animals i need! 


JACK creates cocktail syrups that can be used to stir, mix or shake easy, two-step cocktails!  Don' worry, if you are a little fancier we have plenty of "advanced" recipes you can choose from. 

We hope you enjoy or from scratch cocktail syrups as much as we do, and that it brings you together again!  We always love to hear from our community so please reach out here or follow along on social media! 

A Note from Us:

Thank you for supporting our small locally owned business.  We are a women owned company proud of bringing a product like JACK Cocktail Syrups to market, but even prouder of our mission to give back to animals in need.


Not only are we business owners, but we are parents.  We have three young kids at home, so managing the daily grind of work and parenting is, if nothing else, humorous.  Being busy while still liking to create cocktails is where the idea for JACK originated.  Just because we became parents and our life revolved around Barbie's and toy trucks didn't mean that we couldn't indulge every now and again.  We just wanted it to be easy, quick and use real ingredients.  Not that hard, right?  We couldn't find many mixers that were truly made from scratch so we invented  one ourselves and JACK Cocktail Syrups was born.   

We are a growing company and always looking for suggestions to improve.  If you ever have feedback, please reach out at anytime via our contact form or email us directly at


Stephanie & Jon