Cinnamon Espresso Martini

Confession, I don't like espresso. The harsh bitter taste is not for me, so I have actually never tried an espresso martini. Its not something that I have run home to make or something that has popped off the menu to me. Now that I built up my love for espresso, I am sure you can imagine my excitement on Valentine's Day when my husband told me he was going to make us an espresso martini. Side note, this was after he attempted to make a cheesecake that ended up with a soggy graham cracker crust bottom, which he lamented his disappoint for all night long. How could I turn down an espresso martini after our cheesecake ended with a soggy bottom? I guess these are the questions that almost seven years of marriage bring!

Spoiler alert I tried the cocktail, I couldn't let the soggy graham crack crust be how we ended valentine's day dinner! Although the kids didn't seem to care.

Spoiler alert number two, one of my new favorite cocktails is an espresso martini. The combination of JACK Simple Cinnamon Cocktail Syrup and baileys, with the strong, bold flavors of vodka and espresso make for one delicious drink. I may just go home and make it tonight!

Old Fashioned Cocktail


2 oz Baileys (or any Irish Cream Liquor)

1.5 oz Vodka

2 oz Espresso

1/2 oz JACK Simple Cinnamon Cocktail Syrup

Coffee Beans, Garnish


Fill a shaker with ice

Pour ingredients into a shaker


Pour into a martini glass

Top with coffee beans