Double Standards are Ready for Take Off

Lets Talk About It: February 18, 2021

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Should public figures be held to a higher standard or are they simply human beings like the rest of us? A few year ago I was pulling in to pick my daughter up from daycare, listening to THE CORP. The CORP is as odd as most content pushed out by Barstool, but nevertheless keeps you coming back for more. Its like a mix between Animal House and The Office. If that intrigues you I highlight recommend checking it out. On one of the episodes they were discussing how professional athletes get bashed by commentators. On one side the argument was, they are humans who are going to make mistakes, on the other side, they get paid millions of dollars to not miss baskets so they deserve to get bashed. Thoughts? This was years ago and I reference this podcast (mainly to myself) often.


We may argue that today more than ever we are seeing the higher standard argument unfold. Ted Cruz was recently accused of flying to Cancun amid Texas power outages, Governor Gavin Newsom was seen out to dinner when he had Californians on lockdown, and the list goes on. I could spend hours referencing the hypocritical nature of politicians on both sides of the aisle. But, this doesn't start and end with politicians. What about celebrities and professional athletes who use their platforms to tell their fans and followers their opinions on certain topics, but then go do the exact opposite?

Right now if I told everyone to stay home, but went out to dinner anyways, I would receive backlash from maybe a couple close friends, and I use the term maybe lightly. I am more apt to believe that nobody would care. Not yet anyway, as I am obviously on my way to stardom. Simply, I am a human being who is going to make many mistake throughout my lifetime. Is it safe to say that celebrities and politicians are just human beings who are going to make many mistakes throughout their lifetime, or do we put them on a pedestal holding them to a higher standard? I have heard many times how celebrities are not God, they are no different than you and I. However, when it comes to them doing something wrong, those same people who claim they are no different want them to be held accountable. Is it a double standard or is it an appropriate standard? Ill let you discuss this at your next happy hour. Cheers to whatever standard you come up with!

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