Monday Mule

After a weekend full of kids and toys we started our Monday off with a little something different. Enter the Strawberry Lime Moscow Mule Cocktail, aka the Monday Mule. I think there is a quote somewhere that we really need a day between Saturday and Sunday. Oh, did this ever ring true this weekend! Having three kids under the age of four running around the house, throwing toys everywhere, all while trying to tell us (ya know their parents) what to do non-stop, is to put it lightly EXHAUSTING! Can any other parents out there relate? Well don worry, this Moscow Mule Cocktail will make it all better, at least for the 30 minutes it takes to drink it!

Old Fashioned Cocktail


2 oz Vodka

1/2 oz JACK Strawberry Lime Cocktail Syrup

4-6 oz Ginger Beer

Lime, Garnish


Add JACK strawberry lime cocktail syrup and vodka to a copper mug stir, top with ginger beer, add ice, garnish with a lime, enjoy!

Cheers to make it through another Monday!