On a Leash

This cocktail is called On A Leash for a reason. Trust us when we say, you'll have to keep yourself on a leash or it might hit you before you know it! Even better, if you make this cocktail and tag @jack_syrups and use the hashtag #drinkwithjack we will make a donation to your favorite animal charity. What are you waiting for? Get shaking and sipping!

Old Fashioned Cocktail


For the cocktail:

7 oz Guinness

1 oz Jameson

1/2 oz Cream of Coconut

1/2 oz JACK Simple Cinnamon Cocktail Syrup


Pour 7 oz of Guiness into a tall glass

Slide in 3-4 ice cubes

Fill a shaker with ice and pour all other ingredients in to the shaker, shake it up!

Pour shaker over Guiness

Enjoy, through a straw...yup a straw!

P.S. anyone else ever heard you get drunk faster when drinking through a straw? At least that's what my Grandma told me.

Don't forget to tag @jack_syrups on Instagram and use the hashtag #drinkwithjack if you make this cocktail, and we will make a donation to your favorite animal charity!