The Downfall of Y2K, Jeggings & Cargo Shorts

Lets Talk About It: February 17, 2021

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Hello there, and welcome to JACK's first edition of "Lets Talk About It!" A big pillar of our brand is to bring people together the old fashioned way, over a good drink and good conversation. As such we are sharing everything from politics and pop culture, to asking the question what the hell happened to jeggings? We do our best to leave with your poignant questions intended to start conversations, over a good drink of course. Cheers!

Random Thoughts

What happened to Jeggings & Cargo Shorts?

Circa 2000 and every cool girl at school was wearing jeggings or leopard print pants and the guys were walking around the halls with shorts well below their knees. This is all while their parents were thinking the world was going to end. You know because of that Y2K bug. 21 years later, we are still here, there are almost no jeggings in site and a couple diehard cargo short fans left. What the hell happened?

The US spent millions of dollars to combat the Y2K bug, which is now viewed as a hoax, or an end-of-the-world cult, and Jeggings have transformed into just leggings because everyone is working from home, licking Cheetos off their hands praying that this thing called COVID-19 is a bad dream.

Fashion often has a way of keeping memories and experiences alive. You remember what you were wearing, or what someone else was wearing at a party. You look at a picture and can instantly tell the decade because of the clothing and accessories choices. So as vividly as I can remember my jeggings and off the shoulder purple top I wore for too many nights out in college, I will remember leggings, sweatpants and oversized shirts taking up much of 2020. I will remember putting on jeans to head into my office rather than my pencil skirt and button up blouse. Fashion trends come and go but leggings, sweatpants and oversized sweatshirts were more of a forced fashion trend. Because according to the internet if you wear jeans at home you are obviously a psychopath. Honestly, what?

Is this really the first time a fashion trend has been forced on us? What about during the Great Depression when people were scraping by to stay alive, let alone keeping up with Vogue. Women during this time period were very resourceful, staying up to date with fashion trends by making or altering nearly all of their family’s clothing. Children often had play clothes, second best and Sunday best, that was it. To put it simply, people were not running to Target to pick up a $17 pair of leggings. Fashion has a way of telling a story. It will be interesting to see what stories leggings, sweatpants, and oversized sweatshirts tell future generations.

Will we eventually be asking what ever happening to leggings, or is this cozy, or as many would say lazy style here to stay? I guess if you think about it, there are still people alive who wore top hats to work. Which means that in their lifetime we have gone from top hats and ties to I just rolled out of bed being a fashion trend….hmmm, what's next?


Its Dark in Texas, In More Ways Than One.

The Texas City Mayor is under fire for comments that started something like this, “let me hurt some feelings while I have a minute.” Tim Boyd, the Mayor of Texas City, went on to say that “only the strong will survive and the weak will parish,” and “this is sadly a product of a socialist government where they feed people to believe that the FEW will work and other will become dependent for handouts.”

He ended the rant by saying “we have lost sight of those in need and those that take advantage of the system and meshed them into one group.”

Okay, so why is he saying all of this? Well Texas got hit with snow pretty hard, and its taken a toll to their power system. Some are blaming wind turbines, others are saying extreme energy demand and overloaded frozen utility plants. Nonetheless people are cold and some have been living without heat and power for well over 24 hours. Is a national emergency the time to push non-socialist view points? Maybe, Maybe not - we’ll let you talk about this one.


Life isn’t fair but it's equal.

In my opinion, but as you know everything is open for a conversation around here, this is some of the best advice I have ever been given because life isn’t fair. Come to think about it, it's not equal either. Anyway, it came from my Dad, who many know is someone with endless words of wisdom and life lessons.

Now, back to the equal part. When discussing life in general, life is not fair or equal, but when it came to how my parents dealt with my brother and I life was equal. Oh, and equal does not mean 50/50. It means doing what is right for a person at the right time. This does not come out to some equal 50/50 split. It's qualitative with a lot of gray areas, leaving room for interpretation, arguments and conservations. Sounds a lot like life. As I morph into parenthood I take this advice with me every step of the way. For my kids life isn’t fair but its equal. What is some of the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Pop Culture

Bill Gates says no meat - at least from animals.

Bill Gates: "Rich nations should shift entirely to synthetic beef"


Option #1 Fuck off!

Option #2 I'm all about the vegan lifestyle!"

Which side are you on?

I think we’ll talk more about this one next time.


Corporate Cannabis vs the Average Joe.

Many states who have legalized marijuana, or are on the verge of legalization, keep promoting a program that will be set up for those who have been disproportionately impacted by marijuana laws. This is mainly inclusive of minorities and women. With a tiring and drawn out licensing process will the MWBE community have the means and resources to compete? Just one question that is lingering top of mind.

In addition, many states who have passed legalization are not allowing home grows. The government tries to tell us that not allowing home grows is for our protection. However, you can brew your own beer, but can’t distill your own liquor. You can go to home depot, buy a nail gun and get shitfaced on Genny Light right after you bought an AK-47. Heck, you can buy a saw and saw off your own finger right after you drove home from the bar down the s