The JACK Old Fashioned

After a trip down the bourbon trail in Louisville, KY, the JACK cocktail syrup was born. We pay homage to the original cocktail from the 1800s, infusing our syrup with real oranges and cherries to naturally extract the flavor to bring you a made-from-scratch taste. Our two-step Old-Fashioned will take your back in time. We love to sip on this over a game of cards...euchre anyone?

Old Fashioned Cocktail


2 oz bourbon

1 TBS The JACK Cocktail Syrup

Orange slice, garnish


Add 1 TBS of The JACK Cocktail Syrup to a rocks glass

Top with 2 oz of bourbon


Add Ice

Garnish with an orange slice

Pro Tip: If you like a softer taste to your bourbon drink use normal ice cubes, not the big square or circle ice cubes. They melt faster.