Wedding season is upon us!  Now you can purcahse our 2 oz sample cocktail syrup bottles in bulk, to give your wedding guests a favor they won't forget.  These bulk cocktail syrup packages are sold in sets of 16.   


Included in each set of 16:


4 - 2 oz Strawberry Lime Cocktail Syrup

4 - 2 oz The JACK Cocktail Syrup

4 - 2 oz Simple Cinnamon Cocktail Syrup

4 - 2 oz Caramel Coffee Cocktail Syrup


Package our sample cocktail syrup with vodka, bourbon, Irish Cream, Tequila, Gin, Sparkling Wine and more to give your guests a perfect after dinner, fireside or Airbnb treat!  


Please Note: The pictures are intented to give you pairing and packaging ideas. Alcohol bottles and packaging pictured is not sold through JACK, and if desired has to be purchased separately.  


Customization:  If you wish to order flavors other than what comes standard, please reach out to